Saturday, March 25, 2017

2017 March Winner - John Gould

Congratulations to John Gould for winning our March tournament.

Thank you to all that participated last weekend.  Results and other statistics are updated on the Statistics page.

Our next tournament will be the Grand Finals on Sunday, April 23rd, at Westy's.   Details on the pattern will be posted at least the week before the tournament on the 2016-2017 Schedule page.   We will also hold our brief annual meeting prior to the tournament.

To qualify for the Grand Finals, you need to have bowled or paid into four tournaments.  First place is guaranteed a $1000 payout.  Anyone that has earned $200 or less is also entered into a non-cashers pot for a chance at some extra money.  You can check out your winnings on the Statistics page to see if you are eligible for the non-casher money.